Best Beginner Welders For The Money Of 2020

Avatar by Peter | Last Updated: April 30, 2020

Are you just starting in welding space? Then you’ll need one of the best beginner welders for you. Yeah, usually beginner’s welder features a wide range of functionality and are easy to operate so that a beginner doesn’t face issue in his initial stage.

Moreover, it’s a lot overwhelming to mark one welder as one of the best among rest as there are plenty of options available.

In Hurry? Checkout Our Top Pick Of Best Beginner Welders For The Money.

Our Top Pick
9.7/10 our score

Well, what if I tell you that we’ve narrowed down those options with the help of our experienced team members? Yeah, it’ll become a lot easier for you to choose one out of a small segment of beginner’s welders. Right!

Furthermore, we’ve curated and compiled this article by keeping beginners in focus, so each product included in these reviews of best beginner welders are focused on a variety of parameters.

So, now, let’s start with our reviews of the best welders for beginners.

Top Rated Best Beginner Welders

Rank Product Name Score
Super Deal MIG130 MIG Welder for Beginners
Super Deal MIG130 MIG Welder for Beginners
9. 7
Hobart 500553 MVP MIG Welder
Hobart 500553 MVP MIG Welder
9. 5
Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
9. 1
Amico ARC-160D Inverter welder
Amico ARC-160D Inverter welder
8. 8
WeldPro 200A Multi Process Welder
WeldPro 200A Multi Process Welder
8. 6
Amico TIG-225 220A High Frequency Arc Welding Machine
Amico TIG-225 220A High Frequency Arc Welding Machine
8. 2
Esab Rebel EMP215IC Dual Voltage Professional Welder Machine
Esab Rebel EMP215IC Dual Voltage Professional Welder Machine
8. 0

1. Super Deal MIG130 MIG Welder for Beginners

Our Top Pick
9.7/10 our score


If you’re starting and looking for a welder that’s explicitly aimed for beginner DIYers, then Super Deal 130 MIG is one made for your machine. Yeah, it can help in doing a variety of jobs, including home garage repairing, yard & bard fixing and for fixing your trivial car even.

Well, as the name includes MIG, so we usually think that it will require shielding gas, but it’s a gasless MIG welder machine that makes use of flux core wire only. Yeah, it’s more of a flux core welding machine made for beginners. Moreover, as it’s a flux core welding machine, it’s core components within wire will protect weld outcome.

Talking about the duty cycle, Super Deal MIG 130 has a rated duty cycle of 10% @ 105A, and at 60A, it goes to 35%. Yeah, pretty decent to leverage.
If you’re not familiar with the duty cycle factor, then let me help, it means that when you set the output to 105A for 10 minutes period and you can weld continuously with Super Weld MIG welder for 1 minute.

However, above 1 minute time, it’ll start getting hot, and sometimes weld output also starts spattering. Moreover, Super Deal 130A Welder for a beginner can do a variety of tasks on plenty of metals. And, it can weld from 18 gauge means 3/16th of any mild steel material.

Furthermore, ¼” mild steel welding is possible too, but you’ll have to purchase multi-pass capable flux core wire separately. Also, you’ll have to weld using multi-pass processing, so a bit of skill are required for bevelling and stuff.

Above that, on this welding machine, you’ll have plenty of settings and customization options available to tweak. So, yeah, no matter what’s your ultimate goal, you can always reach there with the right kind of setting.

Also, the duty to limited flux core welding capacity this machine is not capable of helping you in welding alloys and aluminum materials. So, in case you’re looking for something in that space, then you’ll have to look somewhere else.

Furthermore, as it doesn’t have a spool gun and above 10% duty cycle within its highest output level, it’s somewhat underpowered to weld alloys.

But yeah, some of the astonishing features of Super Deal 130A MIG welder include Thermal overload protection, fan cooling, cool down settings, output configuration etc.

Moreover, for input power requirements, Super Deal MIG welder is compatible with household power supply, and hence you shouldn’t bother about it even if you’re planning to buy it for home use.

So all in all, if you’re looking out for one of the best starter welders for beginning with reasonable expectations, then it won’t disappoint you.
Yeah, what we think is as long as you’re realistic and reasonable expectation like compact form factor, light-duty nature, and infrequent and low-end job requirements, then it’s made for you.

Moreover, as we stated initially, this welding machine is explicitly aimed for beginners. They’ve even provided face shield mask within the box. Yeah, they’re taking ultimate care of their customers and also offer decent support and warranty terms. So, for all this! Their machine is worth it.


  • Affordable price range.
  • Strong and durable build with a metal sheet.
  • Flexible output range settings.
  • Portable and lightweight design.
  • Automatic thermal overload protection for the safety of the unit.
  • One of the best welder for beginners.
  • Can weld a variety of metal materials at different thickness levels.


  • It is not made for professionals.
  • Can’t weld aluminum.

2. Hobart 500553 MVP MIG Welder

Best Beginner Mig Welder
9.5/10 our score


Amico is a highly reputed brand in the tool’s space, and they’ve made their name with broad experience in this field. Moreover, their engineers are highly qualified, and they keep on improving their products.

One of such improvised unit from Amico got a chance to get included in our list of best beginner welders. Yeah, it’s Amico TIG-225 220A High-frequency welder.

Well, from looking at the name, you might be thinking of it as a TIG welder, but it’s not limited over there. Yeah, it’s a multi-purpose welder that is capable of doing TIG, Stick and Arc welding with utmost perfection.

Looking at user-friendliness, we must admit that it’s straightforward to operate with multiple functions and setting available on the control unit.
Also, the start-up and heating of this machine is decent and works in a 100% safe way. Moreover, it’s one of the best inverter welders for a beginner as it’s backed with IGBT technology for power stabilization.

And yeah, we’ve checked arc stability while utilizing it as an arc welder, and it has a decent output in the place. Yeah, that’s something that makes it one of the best arc welder for beginners. Now, if we talk about input requirement, then Amico TIG-225 requires 115V/230V AC input, which is the usual household power available in our home. So, that’s another advantage of Amico TIG welder.

Talking about output, Its TIG current range for 230V AC input is 15-220A, and at 115V AC input, it’s 15-160A. For Stick Current Range at 230V AC input, it is 15-200A, and for 115V, it’s 15-140A. Also, the Amico TIG welding machine features a duty cycle of 60%, which is best in this segment.

For safety, they’ve equipped this best stick welder for beginners with Overload, over-voltage, under current protection along with thermal overload protection. Also, Forced air fan cooling is available on the machine to cool down once the job is done.

Also, if we talk about build and durability, then this multi-purpose welding machine is quite compact and very much portable so you can quickly move around with it. However, you might require an extension cord while working inside the large area as its cable is a bit shorter compared to others.

Moreover, they’ve included everything a beginner looks for in a welding machine along with easy to digest user manual for utilizing it to the utmost extent.

So, in our opinion, if you’re looking for a user friendly, compact/portable, heavy-duty, power-packed welding machine, then Amico TIG-225 should be your pick. Yeah, it’s one of the best welders for beginners out there on the market.


  • Production of reliable and reputed brands like Hobart.
  • Heavy-duty yet lightweight build.
  • Variable input/output range compatibility.
  • Can weld metal of 24 gauge to 3/8” thickness.
  • Ideal for household welding jobs, garage work, or as one of the best hobby welder.
  • Three years warranty.


  • Duty cycle is short.

3. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

Best Starter Welder
9.1/10 our score



  • Budget-friendly affordable pricing.
  • Quality build.
  • Reliable and user-focused functions and features.
  • It is made for beginners welder.
  • Lightweight, compact form factor.
  • Ample of controls on the board.
  • Compatible with variable input range.
  • Massive output calibre for the best possible smoother arc.
  • Trust of Brand Lincoln.


  • Duty cycle limited to 20% only.

4. Amico ARC-160D Inverter welder

Best Hobby Welder
8.8/10 our score



  • Affordable price range.
  • One of the best stick welder for beginners.
  • Plenty of functions and controls to tweak around.
  • Remarkably smooth arc.
  • Works flawlessly on a variety of metals.
  • All the required accessories are available in the box.
  • Impressive duty cycle rating.
  • Variable input range compatibility.


  • Sometimes gets overheated.
  • Low quality build though at this price it’s acceptable.

5. WeldPro 200A Multi Process Welder

Best Stick Welder For Beginners
8.6/10 our score


Yeah, according to our experts, WeldPro 200A Multi-Process welder is one of the most deserving candidates for a top pick in our list. Well, there are reasons behind it, and we’ll look over them in a while.

Firstly, Weldpro 200 Ampere Multi-Process welder is considered among some of the best budget welders for beginners. Unlike other welders which provide limited entry-level performance, WeldPro delivers beyond the expectations.

Also, it’s a versatile piece of perfection that’s capable of doing a variety of jobs not only for beginners but also for professionals. Also, WeldPro 200A is an inverter welder that’s capable of doing MIG, TIC and even stick welding. Yeah, it allows you to TIG weld a component or Sticks weld a metal object from a single compact unit.

Well, this broad level versatility helped it in achieving the first spot in this list of best starter welder. Upon unboxing, you’ll get an instruction manual booklet along with the rest of all components to understand the exact digest working of this masterpiece by WeldPro.

Moreover, we’d like to mention that the current model we’re reviewing is an improved and updated version of its previous variant, and hence you’ll find a lot of changes in it. Well, all those are for achieving even better performance and value out of it.

Now, if we look at the usability of this versatile welding machine for beginners, then it could do a variety of jobs for you. Yeah, that includes fabrication, outdoor weld jobs, erection, construction and even DIY work. Well, this welder is priced at an entry-level fair price, but the scope of performance you’re getting from it is ultimately pleasing for one. Also, as the name suggests, it’s a multi-process welder and versatile as we mentioned earlier; however, there’s no ARC TIG weld process available if you’re planning to weld Alloy.

But yeah, you should hit the remote button, disconnect the torch of WeldPro and hook up a supplementary spool gun to weld aluminum. Looking at welding capability, WeldPro 200A Multi-Process welder can weld up to ¼” of mild and ordinary steel if you provide it with a 220V input power supply. Also, the Lift TIL welding capability of this beginner’s welding machine does its job remarkably well for dissimilar metals.

Moreover, with easy to operate and understand the control unit, you can adjust voltage as well as wire feed speed simultaneously using the dialling knob. It’s great to have it as it eliminated basic fine-tuning requirements. Now, talking about output capability, it produces force equivalent to 200A with a given voltage of 220ACV. Yeah, it’s one of the best ac dc starter welders to grab.

Also, inductance settings are adjustable on this unit that gives a breath of relief and allows you to customize almost everything with the help of easy to use interface.

Inductance settings are also adjustable by +/- 10%. Across the board, you benefit from the Weldpro 200 doing most of the work for you while still allowing you to customize settings to the application at hand. Yeah, also LED display is easy to observe and read, controls are a cinch to customize and manipulate. So, in all the aspects, WeldPro 200 is an ultimate pleasure to utilize in your day to day welding jobs.

So, all in all, WeldPro 200 is one of the best beginner welders to have in your tool collection. Yeah, none other than this will give you the ultimate level of features and functionalities at this price.


  • Flawless Arc Result.
  • Multi-Process Welding Functionality.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • 2T/4T switch for smooth operation.
  • TFT LED display.
  • Feature-packed welding machine for beginners.
  • Variable Input requirement.
  • Impressively customizable controls.
  • Decent support with two years warranty.


  • They are not designed for professionals.
  • Some quality issues after using for two years.

6. Amico TIG-225 220A High Frequency Arc Welding Machine

Best Welding Machine For Beginners
8.2/10 our score



  • Best budget welding machine.
  • IGBT Inverter technology makes it the best inverter welder for beginners.
  • Multiple input power compatibility.
  • Multifunctional welding machine with versatile functionalities.
  • HF Start technology for boosting efficiency.
  • Easy installation.
  • User-friendly operations with multiple controlling.
  • Decent support by manufacturers.


  • No pulse control mechanism.
  • No foot pedal controller provided in the box.

7. Esab Rebel EMP215IC Dual Voltage Professional Welder Machine

Best Professional Welder For Beginners
8/10 our score



  • AI Like capability that remembers the preference of its users.
  • Auto adapts to your techniques and configurations.
  • Visible and viewable from far distance TFT LCD Display.
  • Multi-lingual support for the international user segment.
  • Stable pilot and welding components.
  • The lightweight design is completely portable.
  • Freebies in the box.
  • 3 Years of warranty from a brand like ESAB.


  • On a bit higher pricing side.