Best Mig Welder Under 500 Of 2024

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Are you looking for one of the best MIG welder under 500 on the market in the year 2020? Then, cheers! We’ve curated and compiled some of the top-rated welders for you too. Moreover, each MIG welding machine reviewed in this article is filtered from multiple criteria our experts decided. Yeah, our goal with these reviews is to provide you with one of the best and highly reliable MIG welding machine that don’t produce good welds but also give you value for your money.

In Hurry? Checkout Our Top Pick Of Best Mig Welder Under $500.

Our Top Pick
9.7/10 our score

Also, some of these MIG welding machines are versatile and suitable for multiple segments of skill sets. So, yeah, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional; we’ve got you covered in this list. Moreover, at the end of this article, we’ve also crafted a friendly and easy to digest buying guide for MIG welding machine. Yeah, if you’re new and confused about selection criteria, then to you could leverage our points mentioned out there.

So, now, let’s get started with our reviews of best MIG welders for the money in 2020.

Top Rated Mig Welder Under 500

Rank Product Name Score
Hobart 500559 MIG Welder
Hobart 500559 MIG Welder
9. 7
Forney Easy Weld 261 140 MIG Welder
Forney Easy Weld 261 140 MIG Welder
9. 5
Lincoln K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
Lincoln K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
9. 1
Lotos MIG175 175A MIG Welder
Lotos MIG175 175A MIG Welder
8. 8
8. 6
Mophorn MIG 200A Arc Inverter Mig Welder
Mophorn MIG 200A Arc Inverter Mig Welder
8. 2

1. Hobart 500559 MIG Welder

Our Top Pick
9.7/10 our score


Anytime we buy anything, they’re always both sides attached with it. Yeah, each product comes with some advantages and some drawbacks within it. But, Hobart is capable of standing out from the crowd with its capability of providing more benefits than drawbacks.

So let’s check; “what are those bright sides of this MIG welder within $500 pricing range!” now.

Firstly, without wasting your time in other things that matter a little less, we’d like to mention that if you’re on the search of a quality welding machine that’s heavy-duty and comes at a decent price label, then Hobart 500559 is made for your tool in this range. It can weld a variety of stuff including BBQ device or Pits, trailers, worksite types of machinery, sports equipment, ornamental and classic metal designs and what not?

Moreover, Hobart’s MIG welder is heavily durable, and you’ll feel like using a workhorse like equipment while making use of this MIG welder. Yeah, the excellent output result in welding jobs is a critical capability of Hobart 500559 MIG Welding machine. Now, if we look at other features, then Hobart MIG or flux core welding machine is quiet compact in sizing and can be store in any spare space without much hassle.

Hobart 500559 produces a duty cycle of 20% at 90A output settings. It’s more than enough for your daily chores. Also, concerning welding capability, it could weld a variety of thin materials that further include stainless steel, alloy, mild steel with it’s MIG option. Furthermore, with flux core option, this is extended for thicker stainless steel materials too.

This welding machine within $500 pricing can weld anything of 24 gauge sizing. But also, for ¼” thickness, it isn’t lousy bet, to be honest. Also, Hobart 500559 features four output setting on its control board that provides you extensive freedom of making it work for all your welding preferences and requirements. Furthermore, in terms of input requirement, this welder operates well for 114ACV and produces the best groove and smoother arc from its welding round.

And yeah, wiring protection, thermal resistance monitoring, over-loading management, over-current and over-voltage maintenance etc. are some of the crucial safety features of Hobart 500559 MIG welder which is available below $500 budget range. Also, with 5-level tapped voltage controller it allows you to obtain fine-tune arc and hence it’s best in terms of stability and smoothing too.

In terms of output capabilities, Hobart 500559 MIG welder gives output in the range of 25A to 140A, which is excellent for anyone looking for customization and versatile flux core MIG welding machine. And yeah, five-year extensive warranty with decent support is provided by brand to back you up anytime you face any issue with this MIG welding machine under 500.


  • Operable with low input voltage supply.
  • Quiet portable and lightweight so better manoeuvrability.
  • Easy setup and user-friendly functions.
  • Wire feed speed range is immense and more considerable between 40-700IPM.
  • A higher level of feasibility on the control unit.
  • It is made for all level of skillsets.
  • Variety of metals are weldable with this unit.


  • It welds hot and can have some issues on cooling welder surface.

2. Forney Easy Weld 261 140 MIG Welder

Top Rated 140 Mig Welder
9.5/10 our score


Forney is a well-known name and highly reputed brand among DIYers and mechanics for many reasons. And if we talk about Easy Weld 261 140A MIG welder now, then this is an inverter MIG welder. So yeah, unlike other MIG welders on the market it doesn’t work using a transformer and instead makes things easier for users with the help of an inverter. Furthermore, it ensures that you’re getting more power output for the provided input on this flux core welding machine.

Moreover, Forney Easyweld 261 140A MIG welder is lightest on this list of best MIG welders under 500 dollars. Yeah, very lightweight and portable with a higher level of manoeuvrability. Also, with highly customizable variable settings, you’re free to set the infinite level of output from this MIG welder on the market. Well, this is something that you’ll get only from Forney Easyweld; especially, when you’ve bound your budget range to $500.

Moreover, his 120V flux core welder operates on a 20A fused circuit which is highly durable and completely reliable for anyone planning to invest on a competent MIG welder from the market. And yeah, at 90-ampere settings Forney Easyweld 261 gives 30% duty cycle which further helps in saving few bucks on overall usage cost of this MIG welder.

Now, if we look at output range of Forney Easyweld 261 140A MIG welder, then it’s capable of delivering output in the field of 32A to 140A. Yeah, something best that you can only expect from the brand Forney at price range below $500. With the tremendous level of flexibility on output dialer, this MIG flux core welder can weld mild steel of 24 gauge which is further right up to 3/16th of an inch range.

If you’re looking to implement flux core welding, then ¼ inch of mild steel can be passed within multiple rounds. Yeah, this MIG welder on the market is capable of multi-pass with the help of its flux core welding wire. Forney 140A FC-I can hold up 4” or 8” diameter flux core wire on it. And, we’d like to mention that 4” spool is equal to 2lbs of the spindle. In terms of wiring requirements, Forney Easy Weld 261 will weld well with any 0.030 flux core wiring.

Moreover, Forney Easyweld MIG welder is one of the best in terms of compactness, lightweight and also for value for money ratings. And yeah, above all you’re getting one-year limited warranty and quality support from this brand to experience a complete and all-around safe usage of this one of the best MIG welder.


  • Lightweight and compact build & form factor
  • Capable of welding a variety of materials
  • Safety protection implemented in the design
  • Ample controlling feasibility
  • Multi-process welding machine
  • The best choice for flux core welding jobs


  • Shorter leads and electrodes in the box

3. Lincoln K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

Best Mig Welder For Home Use
9.1/10 our score


Yeah, up next in these reviews of best MIG welders under 500 is from a trusted and reputed brand named as “Licoln Electric”. Well, with time they’ve improved Licoln products an unbelievably high level, and that’s how they’ve made their name on the market. Now, talking about Lincoln K2185-1 Handy flux core MIG welder then it’s a perfect fit for any hobby welder or anyone looking out for a tool to help them in their small welding jobs.

Yeah, this MIG welder which is quite affordable and available on the market below 500 dollars price label is an excellent pick for welding steel up to 1/8″. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is excellent value for money as it’s also user friendly and compatible for any beginner. It’s light in weight and compact in size; so, the level of portability in this welding machine is also impressive, to be honest. Furthermore, it’s a cost-savvy product used by many professionals. Yeah, it requires 115V AC input for efficient performance. Well, that’s something which makes it one of the best AC DC MIG welder under 500 range.

As mentioned, it can weld any stainless or mild steel materials of thickness level 24 gauge to 1/8″ with ease. Moreover, the wire feed speed range of this fabulous MIG welding machine is of 0-300 IPM, and its welding amperage range is between 35-88A.

Tremendous for anyone who’s expecting a quality product with minimal power consumption and best arc outputs. Isn’t it? Well, wire feed speed is variable and controllable with the help of the control unit given on the body of this welding unit by lincoln.

And yeah, welding process implementation of this welder utilizes flux core MIG mechanism for the best and smoother arc. Also, it results in less spatter, and we’ve not been reported about any bubble formation while MIG welding using this unit.

Due to its four different voltage settings and with significant control over the input-output range, this MIG welding machine succeeds in reducing duty cycle up to 20% level at 88A settings.

Also, it’s made up of highly durable parts manufactured by some well-known brands, and hence its lifespan goes up to 10 years. However, in case, you still run across any issues with this top-rated MIG welder for the best beginning then you could reach out their support team.

Yeah, they provide 2 years extended warranty with satisfactory standard among their support team. So all in all, if you’re looking for a value for money MIG welding machine and have a limited budget under 500 dollars, then this welding unit is the best bet for you.

Yeah, considering all the features along with one of its kind cooling management system that keeps it fresh while on operation makes each penny spent on it a worthwhile investment.


  • Highly stud and quality parts and materials in the making
  • Medium-term warranty
  • The highly qualified research team behind design and making
  • Fabulously well return on investment for this price
  • Impressive arc quality which is smoother and more beautiful than others
  • Don’t weld hot


  • Low amperage capability
  • Enough but limited control setting on the module

4. Lotos MIG175 175A MIG Welder

Best Mig Welder For Beginner
8.8/10 our score


Yeah, up next in our list of reviews for best MIGs under 500 is again from a reputed brand Lotos. As mentioned in the previous review, they’re known for their quality. Moreover, Lotos expanded its horizons to all segment and continents of the world.

Talking about this particular welding machine Lotos MIG175 175A MIG welder which comes with a free spool gun and does a fabulous job. Also, it’s compatible for all level of skillsets and hence everyone from the level of beginners to professionals are using it without any doubt. Lotos MIG175 175A MIG welder machine can weld a variety of metal materials including steel, alloy and iron.

At this price point, it’s quite rare to find any other significant alternative to Lotos MIG175 175A. Moreover, it is not just inexpensive or budget-friendly, but it also possesses top of the line quality in it. More accessible to set up and very light to manoeuver this MIG welder by Lotos becomes favourite for aged users too. Yeah, it just takes 10 minutes to set up and get it running. And in case, you possess ample experience then you’ll need even less than our mentioned timing. For functioning, Lotos MIG175 requires 220V wall outlet, and that makes it convenient to use as it’s available in any household power supply boards.

Moreover, it’s highly customization, and you could operate on variable settings depending on your basic requirements. Yeah, for a different level of thickness you need different output, and it’s easy to set on Lotos MIG175 175A MIG welder. Also, for welding alloys efficiently they’ve provided spool gun inside the pretty helpful box. It can weld on 18 gauge to ¼” thickness of any alloy or stainless steel. However, as mentioned depending on the metal type, it’s advised to set it accordingly.

On given input range it provides output up to 175 amperages and operates on a variable frequency of 50-60Hz. Talking about weld quality, we’ve many people reporting that its arc quality is just best on the market. Yeah, at this price you’ll get a decent value for your investment. Lotos provides two years warranty on their products, and it’s impressive to get the quickest response from a team of highly qualified technical assistance team.


  • They are highly reputed and qualified engineering behind make and design
  • Works on the average frequency of 50-60Hz
  • Compatible for a variety of metal materials
  • Easy installation and less setup time
  • Lightweight and compact form factor
  • Works well for a broad range of thickness


  • User manual is a bit shorter on information fulfilmen
  • The warranty term is shorter compared to other high-end products


Best Budget 140 Mig Welder
8.6/10 our score


Lotos 140A MIG welder succeeded in getting considered into our list of best MIG welders on the market for many reasons. Yeah, in this review for one of the top-rated MIG welding machine, we’ll be uncovering some of the hidden facts that are not explained anywhere on the internet to tools pros.

Firstly, at a decent pricing range, LOTOS 140A MIG welder machine does an incredibly great job for anyone looking for an optimal tool. Well, it’s a lot more improved compared to its previous version and gives some great features. Now, if we talk about the body build-up of LOTOS MIG welder, then it’s pretty rugged and hence capable of standing unbeaten with few knocks and jolts. In sizing, it’s pretty compact and storable within any spare space of home or Jobsite.

Also, it’s a 54lbs heavy-duty unit so for those looking after a lightweight option will have to check something else in our list. Furthermore, talking about output ranges, Lotos 140A MIG welder provides output in-between 30A to 140A. Yeah, it’s controllable with the help of control unit of this MIG welding machine. And you could set it accordingly based on your preferred metal type.

Now, talking about welding suitability, this can weld any metal ranging in gauge sizing of 24 gauge to ¼” with ease. Wiring requirements is also ideal and readily available on the market in case you need to buy one in future. Yeah, it operates with 0.025” to 0.30” wiring for reliable steel welding, and with 0.30 to 0.035” cord, it makes use of flux core mechanism very well.

Moreover, 20% duty cycle at 90A output is an achievement by Lotos while providing this MIG welding machine in the range below $500. Also, this MIG welding machine is ideal for jobs of welding like flux core welding, joint jolters, and routine metal weld jobs. For efficient operational performance, Lotos 140A MIG welder demands 120ACV input voltage. And its provides output up to 140Amperes with ease.

Moreover, this unit by lotus features 2T/4T switches and a digital display board to keep precise control over welding quality and performance.
And yeah, with various kind of safety precautions and abilities like over-loading, over-voltage, over-current and over-heating protection this is best MIG welder which is also safe to use in variable input power ranges.
Also, looking at pricing and the functions it possesses we’d say that its by far best among rest of all.

Moreover, warranty terms are decent, and support quality its focused on customer satisfaction. So, overall you’ll be having an excellent welding experience with this AC DC MIG welding machine on the market.




Best 110V Mig Welder Under $500
8.2/10 our score


Well, Sungoldpower is a well-known name among best tool seekers and mechanics for its low budget yet efficient welding units. Yeah, Sungoldpower 140A MIG welder is pretty budget-friendly and quality MIG welding machine made for all level of welding professionals.
Firstly, This MIG welding machine is versatile as it’s operable as a gasless or gas welding jobs without any extra hassle.

Moreover, it is very user friendly to put into action. Yeah, it’s designed for beginners as they usually possess fewer skills, so it’s evident to provide the best usability for those who’re just starting into MIG welding. And yeah, Sungoldpower 140A MIG welding unit comes with an easy to understand and follow user manual which helps in making the best use out of it.

Furthermore, Sungoldpower 140A MIG welder for beginners can operate even in low input power ranges of 110V. Well, that’s a routine and everywhere available household current if you do not know it. So, yeah one can operate this MIG welding machine at home and do their welding jobs without any additional hassle. Moreover, maximum opening and starting voltage required for this MIG welder by Sungoldpower is 37V which is quite impressive, to be honest.

Sungoldpower MIG Welder comes with a complete and all-around overload protection system on the board. Yeah, usually while doing welding jobs, we experience fluctuation in power loading, and hence the fear of failure is always bothered welding professional. However, with this one of the best Inverter MIG welder under 500 you’re covered all around.
Also, all required controlling settings are provided on the body itself, which is quite a user friendly, as we mentioned above.

Talking about welding materials, this MIG welder in the budget range of 500 can weld any metal of stainless steel and is also a perfect fit for outdoor work jobs. Also, thickness compatibility of this MIG welder is more, and you’ll be allowed to weld a variety of thickness level.

As mentioned in the review of the best MIG welder, it’s versatile and can weld with gas and without gas too. Moreover, arc produced by this welding’s gasless welding performance is remarkable and one of its kind.

Moreover, with a duty cycle of 60% at 120A output setting, this one becomes unbeatable within the price range of 500 dollars. Also, Sungoldpower brand provides one year warranty on this MIG welding unit for beginners. So, you could make the best use out of it without any worry.


  • Well, known and reputed brand on the market
  • Versatile MIG welder for best welding experience
  • Multiple controlling settings on the control unit
  • Variable input voltage requirement
  • Beginner, friendly device and usage
  • Arc output is up to the mark and decent enough to praise
  • Available at fair pricing


  • The poor instruction manual is not easy to digest
  • The warranty term is shorter than the expectations

7. Mophorn MIG 200A Arc Inverter Mig Welder

Best Arc Inverter Mig Welder Under $500
8/10 our score


If you’re looking for a quality inverter MIG welder, then Mophorn MIG240A is one of the best out there on the market nowadays. Yeah, they’re providing a durable and long-lasting product that produces excellent results and output since ages. Thank their research team who’ve succeeded in innovating top of the line inverter MIG welder at an impressive price range.

Yeah, this MIG welder from Mophorn is available within you budget of $500 and features some of never expected functionalities within it.
Well, firstly, it’s a complete inverter welding machine, so overall it’s a power saver that also saves a lot of money on electricity bills.

Furthermore, the design of this welder is implemented by keeping household welding jobs in mind. So, in case you’re planning to bring one for household usage then it’s quite light and portable, and hence you could store it anywhere in your home. Also, controlling opportunities given on the board ample enough for all level of welding professionals.

Now, if we talk about input requirement for Mophorn inverter MIG welding machine, then this machine requires 220V input in the form of AC. Yeah, it’s one of the best ac dc inverter MIG welders out there. And, with given input range it produces output current within a range of 20 amperages to 200 amperage which is impressive from an inverter welding machine in this pricing segment.

Also, looking at welding material compatibility; it won’t disappoint you as it can weld a variety of materials like steel, alloy, iron and much more. Well, it’s also compatible with usual welding rods, and you won’t have to search a lot to find it when you need it. Talking about wire feed speed, this one of the best MIG AC DC welding machine within 500 dollar budget provides 2.2 m/min to 12 m/min wire feed speed while giving a perfect job.

Also, for better power saving there’s the presence of IGBT inverter technology which is top of the line at this time. Moreover, this inverter MIG welder is best for achieving bubbleless welding as it has lux cored wire adapters which reduce bubbles to near to none level.

Furthermore, Mophorn 200A Inverter MIG welder can release inert metal gas on its own while doing your welding job. And hence, it also prevents resulting oxidation on the welded part, which is excellent, to be honest.

Overall, Mophorn 200A MIG welder is the best pick for anyone expecting the best quality, top of the line features and ample control over their welding preference.


  • New brand thriving for positive feedback with quality product supply
  • Compatible for household power supply
  • Best IGBT Inverter MIG welder under 500 dollars
  • Welds smoother
  • Multiple input power supply compatibilities
  • Higher current output capability
  • Excellent welding experience with low cost investment
  • Customizable control unit


  • Electrodes are shorter than expected

Buyer’s Guide For Best MIG Welders Under $500

As any electrical equipment we purchase has both some plus and some minus sides associated with it. So, it’s always better to cross-check about everything we need to obtain our desired welding job’s goals.

And, that’s the reason we’ve compiled this unique buying guide for you so that you could make a worthwhile decision before buying any MIG welding machine in a budget of $500.

We’ve divided this buyer’s guide in three primary segments

So, now let’s get started with our detailed guide which is available only on WeldingFAQ.

Things To Consider In An MIG Welding Machine

Here are a list of things you need to consider before making any decision regarding your MIG welding machine in 500 dollar budget.

1. Body Build Up

While looking after a MIG welding machine, we recommend you to check for body build-up and its quality. Yeah, all brands don’t utilize quality materials in assembling their welding machines. So, one needs to take appropriate care of it.

A highly durable welding machine is always advised as it just doesn’t possess longer lifespan but also can perform without any malfunctioning.

Moreover, build quality remains a primary concern due to the fact of the matter that these are electrical appliances, and to achieve best implicit safety, it needs to be safe outside first.

2. Control Unit

There are a lot of MIG welders available on the market. Any many of them feature quite a handful of controls on its board. However, not all are coming with enough power, so it’s good to consider our expected controlling requirements.

Also, you can only achieve the best welding quality if you’ve decent control over input and output. So, yeah ensure that your MIG welder which you’re planning to purchase is equipped with variable control. As with variable controlling only you can achieve is the best suitable welding supply depending on metal type and thickness.

Moreover, control units also feature some additional controlling like arc force, speed, cooling management etc. so, try to grab the one who is having more additional control on its control unit.

3. Required Input Supply

And, the foremost and essential factor to consider before buying any welding machine let it be TIG or MIG is its supply of input needed.

Yeah, in case you’re planning to operate a 220V AC supply requiring welding machine in your household where you’ve power supply of 110V AC only then either your device will remain unused, or you’ll have to make changes in your household supply.

So, it’s always good to consider the input requirements of a MIG welding machine in any budget range.

Furthermore, all MIG welders available on the market ideally compatible for 110V-220V supply but not all. So, make sure you’re checking that you’re not falling for an exceptional device.

4. Output capabilities

Now, comes the point which also matters the most to achieve best and smoother arc quality. Yeah, it’s output capabilities. As we all know, depending on our type of welding material and surface to be welded, we need to obtain a specific level of output current.

So, it’s always good to consider output current providing the capability of a welding unit. Moreover, many MIG welders feature variable output settings, so make sure it’s within your range of requirement.

Yeah, ideally the majority of reputed brands provide output within the scope of 10A to 200A and more extensive the range better the feasibility.

5. Wiring 

Yeah, most neglected yet important thing to consider while looking after a MIG welding machine is the wiring. 

While the majority of brands are providing longer cables to work with their welding machines, some don’t.

Yeah, while curating products to include in this reviews of best MIG welders under 500 we came across many MIG welders who were possessing only 6ft. Cable to connect.

Well, that limits your feasibility to move around at the workplace. And even in household usage, if you’ve limited outlets in your home, then it’s a limitation to cop up. So, avoid doing it and always aim for a MIG welder that is having more extended cord connector for higher feasibility.

6. Metal Feasibility

Yeah, all MIG welders are not compatible for all kind of metals. So, based on different metals you’re aiming to weld with a MIG welder always cross-check it’s the feasibility to weld such materials.

Moreover, metals such as stainless steel and mild steel are not the same, even if the name sounds similar. So, it is better to consider the feasibility of your future welder for all sort of materials. More metal it’s compatible for better you’ll choose your MIG welder in 500 dollars budget.

7. Additional Fueling Requirements

And yeah, some MIG welders are gas-fueled while some operate gasless. So, check if the unit is compatible with your capabilities or not.

We recommend you to go after a versatile group and can work with as well as without gas. Yeah, versatile units are better looking at their welding quality as we’ve found that while using gas to weld it provides smoother arc compared to gasless welding. Also, flux core welding with gas fuel is best you could achieve.

8. Safety & Protection

As mentioned in many of our reviews of best MIG welders under 500, they’re providing additional security for occasional disasters. 

Yeah, being electrical equipment this unit has to face a lot of knocks and jolts on the power supply and other external factors such as heat and voltage. So, ensure that welding machine you’re planning to purchase is safe all around and backed with protections such as over-loading, over-heating, under-loading, over-current, over-voltage, and so on.

Moreover, some welders also feature automatic cooling setting, which is great to keep it balanced in terms of body-temperature management.

So, we highly recommend you to go after a unit that’s featuring all-around protection from occasional failures.

9. Arc Quality

Now, a crucial element of any welding job is a smooth arc. Yeah, a MIG welder that you intend to buy should be capable enough of producing a more continuous arc. 

Also, make sure the welding job is getting implemented smoothly and less spatter is generated. Moreover, some welding machines produce bubble output while spieling so make sure your choice is not going to be having such problems.

10.Warranty & Aftersales

Last factor to keep into consideration while buying one of the best MIG welders for the household job is its aftersales support. Yeah, longer the warranty terms, better and worry-free user experience. 

Majority of brands on the market are providing decent support with their 2-5 years warranty depending on how much you’re investing upfront in a MIG welding machine. So always look over its existing customer’s feedback and reviews and make a decent movie with the quick decision-making process.

How To Choose One of the Best MIG Welder Under $500?

There are few things which make a welding machine standing out among the rest of the competition. And, by cross-checking all those specific requirements, you’ll be making an excellent decision.

Here’s a list of questions that you should ask yourself and answer with the help of researched information and if they match answers to all our problems, then you’ll be spending in a good welding machine.

How compact it is and what’s its actual weightage?

Firstly, the larger size is not always best for all the jobs. Yeah, a task that’s doable by middle shouldn’t seek a sword. So, aim to get a MIG machine that’s quite compact yet feature-loaded. And also, we don’t recommend to go after a too heavy welding machine as you’ll be moving across a variety of workplaces and you need to bring it with you. So seek after minimal weightage and compact design to have a better level of portability.

Apart from main controls, is there any additional controlling available?

Gone are those days when you could do jobs with just input-output settings. Now, time’s changed, and people would like to have more beautiful and smoother welding output from your machine. So, check if a MIG welder is possessing any additional controls such as variable power range, cooling management, duty cycle monitoring, and so on. Even if you get one or two additional restrictions, then you’ll be achieving a more beautiful and smoother arc with the help of combination with other controls.

How long is the cord? What’s the quality of overall wiring?

As one needs to move across a large area while doing their welding jobs, we advise getting a welding machine with longer connectivity cord as it reduces the cost of a new separate spike guard board. 

Also, wiring quality matters as these machines usually operate on a massive range of voltage and chances of failures and overloading are always ample so better to be safe instead of being careless.

Are required input supply available within your household as well as within your area of work?

Always check that a MIG welding machine is compatible with your area’s standard input voltage range. Yeah usually MIG welders require 80V-220V of AC supply to operate and hence it’s better to confirm before making a move.

What’s optimal output current range of a MIG welder?

Also, check for capabilities concerning output range as different welding materials and surfaces require a different level of output current. Hence, it’s always better to aim for one which meets your needs.

Is it versatile enough to weld a more extensive range of thickness and different metals?

As mentioned earlier, aim for a welder machine that can cause weld a significantly thicker as well as thinner elements. Usually, MIG welders are capable of welding in a thickness range of 0.001” to 0.25”, but still it’s safe to cross-check any unit’s actual thickness compatibility before making a buying choice.

Also, check for compatible metals and required electrode type to weld by a MIG welder in the budget.

What’s the duty cycle of a prospected MIG welder?

As usually, a MIG welder has low 10-20% duty cycle, it becomes evident to maintain reliability on its electrical circuits. So, yeah at a higher heat setting one will have merely few minutes to weld within to be precise within 10 minutes per se. And, before that time, heat will cause the internal thermal overload of a MIG welder to trip. And hence it reduces your overall welding time. So, always check that your prospected MIG welding machine has a decent duty cycle to weld comfortably.

So yeah, if your hunt matches all these answers, then you’ve made the right choice, and otherwise, we advise you to either change your choice or to cancel your plant for the time being.

Frequently asked Questions – Best MIG Welder within 500 Budget Range

What’s best MIG welder to buy under 500?

Well, it’s trickier to answer your question, but anything that matches all your requirement and stays within your budget range would be the best pick. However, it further depends on whether you know your needs or not! So, in such occasion best MIG welder within 500 range is Forney Easyweld 140A.

What is good wire feed MIG welder?

Mophorn 200A MIG welder is one of the best wire feed MIG welder for all level of professionals. Yeah, we’re recommending based on its variable wire feed speed controllability.

What is the best 110V MIG welder under 500?

Hobart 500559 MIG welder is one of the best to keep into consideration when you ask for 110V MIG welder. Yeah, it does its job tremendously well even with 110V input supply. Also, additional features provided by Hobart on this model are worth each penny you spend on it.

Are cheap MIG welders any good?

Well, answer to this question depends on so many other factors that matter. In general, cheap MIGs are not any good. But, still, some MIG welders within your budget range will be doing a tremendous job like Forney Easyweld 140A MIG Welder here. And if you’re opting for others which is not available on our list then make sure that it’s compatible for variable output range with multi-level voltage capability.

Can I weld stick metals with a MIG welder?

Yeah, as MIG welders can weld on metals as thin as 18 gauge, it’ll be easy to weld such metals. But, a drawback of stick welding is it gets to burn through the surface, and sometimes arc quality gets compromised. So, we won’t recommend buying MIGs if you’re looking for a welder specifically for thin stick metals.

How much does an excellent MIG welder costs?

Depending on various factors and your overall goals, this can be answered adequately. Moreover, any good and top of the line welder can be purchased in the price range of $300-$800. However, many brands have succeeded in producing quality products for affordable pricing to sustain massive competition. So, those which are available at the mid-range of our optimal pricing mentioned previously is also good choices.

Can you MIG weld a car frame?

Yes. Most of the stamped steel frames can be welded using MIG welders so with some of best MIG welders you can MIG weld a car frame without any issue.

How thick of steel can a MIG welder weld?

Usually, MIG welders are capable of welding 0.001” to ¼” of thickness in general, but it further depends on which MIG welder and brand you’re opting.


We believe that with the help of enough of information provided under each MIG welder reviewed on our list, you have a decent overview on which one fits your overall need.

However, for those who’re still confused should go through our buyer’s guide to understand all the essential feature they should aim. And, in case, you’re still not able to make a move then we’ve selected one of overall Best MIG welder for you which will do its job significantly well by giving you smooth and excellent MIG welding experience.

Yeah, Hobart 500559 MIG welder is one of the best among rest of all we covered in this roundup. So make your move and go with this overall satisfactory unit which is worth each penny you put on it.

Also, if you’re seeking the highest level of versatility then opting for Sungoldpower MIG welder is a right choice as it just doesn’t feature multiple controls and variable range. Still, also it’s compatible for gas as well as gasless welding.